We don't like to brag. So, we let other people do it for us.


And they seem to really like us, too. We are very grateful to have 5-stars on Google, Yelp and Thumbtack. Even more humbling is the growing collection of personal testimonials from our artists! Read on for some of the thoughtful accolades, compliments, and gratitude we've received.

Stacy Lee


I had met with a few local producers, all were qualified and seemed very nice, however when I sat down with Owen something just felt right. Call it musical chemistry if you will, we were on the same page about every aspect of the project we discussed at our first meeting. It was then I knew I had found my producer... Owen is a genius and a wizard at his craft. He is a true professional. Anyone I know who is interested in recording I send to him. He took every song on my album to a level that surpassed my every expectation! He is an amazing producer and icing on the cake is that he is a down right fantastic human being! It was such a pleasure to work with him and I look forward to the day we can work on another project together.

Paul Michell


[Owen] is caring, patient, driven and truly professional. Besides his “ready, set go!” work ethic, his ability to work in a variety of different genres exemplifies his extraordinary ear. He never overbearingly takes over an artist’s project, but rather works alongside the artist’s strengths to create artistic yet commercial pieces of work which could easily be played next to any major label artist on the radio while simultaneously keeping the artist’s identity intact. One of the most rewarding parts of the recording process while recording my single was the fact that Owen not only talked through technology with me and made sure every single element was more than “alright” but PERFECT.

Shalo Lee


Owen is the true renaissance man of music; he excels as a writer, producer, engineer, and has worked tirelessly to make every element of our project shine. [He] has been a wonderful partner to work alongside, with the patience of a good-humored saint, and the work ethic to match. I couldn’t have possibly asked for more, his results are incredible, and I cannot wait to start our next project.

Tim Tweedy


When we were ready to record our debut album, we toured five studios in the Twin Cities. Our tour stopped the moment we walked into F5 SoundHouse and met Owen Sartori and Davide Raso... Being musicians as well as producers, these guys had so much to offer beyond recording. We consulted with them during the pre-production phase and ended up saving an enormous amount of time during tracking and post-production. We drew on Owen’s vast knowledge of drums, his patient vocal coaching, and Davide’s ability to create a thick, heavy rock guitar tone to build the massive sound you hear all throughout our album.

Andriana Lehr


Upon meeting both Davide and Owen, I knew F5 would be the place I wanted to do my next record. Not only do they have years of engineering and songwriting experience between them, they also have a studio that is well set up and equipped with excellent gear.... From the beginning they expressed an ideal of collaboration, all while being respectful of the song, instrumentation, and my voice, always trying to frame and portray them in the best way possible. I brought in a song I had been stuck on for a little over a year, and within two hours, they helped to shape and finish the song, streamlining the story line, and spicing up the tonality with different chord inversions. I greatly look forward to having them produce and engineer my next record, knowing that all aspects of the process are in good hands.

Tracy Perry


One of my main concerns before pursuing my project further was I just moved into town and did not have anyone I knew to play the other instruments that the tracks would require. Davide and Owen were quick to reassure me that this was a non-issue. The reason being is they themselves are not only great engineers and producers, they just happen to also be stellar musicians who have legit contacts with other musicians, some very well known in the industry too. Overall, what mattered to me the most was an environment I looked forward to creating in and with people I felt undoubtedly had the know-how to produce an album of the same quality you can hear on the radio. F5 helped achieve this beyond my wildest dreams.

Devon Worley


Devon was very young and inexperienced but Davide and Owen found a way to connect with her. We both found the process fun and exciting. The final product was fantastic. The professional product we finished with was a major factor in launching Devon’s local career. It established her as a serious local musician. The song Copycat Girl was also on local radio. What a thrill! DJ’s across the mid-west comment on how great the tracks sound and we NEVER have a problem getting them on the radio.As Devon’s manager and mother I could not recommend F5 highly enough to anyone looking to produce an independent album here in the Twin Cities. The professionalism and quality are second to none and the price is actually quite affordable. Two thumbs way, way up for F5 Studios.

Raelyn Hunnicut


I worked with F5 SoundHouse this past summer and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my music career! The guys at F5 SoundHouse are so down to Earth and fun to work with. Owen and Davide are amazing musicians! While I was with them, we worked on two songs. Owen and Davide were easy to relate to and put me immediately at ease and we ended up writing two amazing heartfelt songs. I loved working with these guys and I cannot wait to go back to write more songs and record the songs we wrote in the studio.

Bri Ingram


After working together for a year on my EP I’m so happy with the results of my project. Their genuine and passionate approach is supported well by the talent each possess along with great instincts and stellar musician contacts in the industry. The fun and diverse dynamic Owen and Davide bring to the table provide clients with support, direction, experience and humor! I always felt my vision was heard and guided the very best way for final results. They take the time to know clients and coach them thru any insecurities or concerns in a patient and genuine way... Today I not only consider Owen and Davide amazing producers, songwriters, and musicians, but great friends.

Francesco Paoloma


F5 SoundHouse. It's 3 years now that I know them because I recorded with them my first EP. Since then, they followed me and my music as a Mother could only do. They showed me that everything they did went beyond the concept of the business and was more into the passion side of it. They loved me and they are still doing it. I just recorded with them my Single, "London". What can I say? They caught my soul printing it into a Melody.

Maria Hassel


Owen and Davide took songs that I wrote on my bedroom floor over that past two years and turned them into more than I could have ever imagined. They work effortlessly on perfecting every song. From pre-production to mastering, they work with you step-by-step. I recorded a six song EP with them and I could not be more proud of how it turned out. They work on collaborating with their artists and making the songs the best they can be without changing them into something they are not. F5 SoundHouse is my second home and the place to record if you are passionate about music. The integrity and passion this studio is built upon is what makes F5 SoundHouse so special.

Bob Knight


Professional, talented and dedicated producers staff F5 Soundhouse. I couldn't have chosen a better facility and crew to put together my first full-length album. Bonus: Everyone there is a stellar musician. Highly recommended!

Ronnie White


I have always been protective of my music. I guess I never found anyone able to understand what kind of artist I could be and develop my ideas to their full potential. Then I had the chance to speak to Davide and Owen. they took my ideas over and turn them into all I could possibly wish for in a song. I never thought that could happen. Now I couldn't imagine a song of mine without their "touch" in it. You are spectacular. Thank You.

Julia Wheaton


Working with F5 SoundHouse was wonderful! They were very professional, friendly and caring! We never felt like just “a job,” our concerns were never too small for the team. We felt heard, cared for and happy! The experience we had with Owen, Davide and the crew is one that has opened many doors for us and we will be forever grateful for the impact they had in our musical career!

Sophia Venturo


Owen and Davide are awesome to work with - professional, above and beyond helpful, and have a knack for understanding what you want/need! I came in with a small project and some very rough home recordings and they were able to turn it into an EP I am so happy with! Definitely recommend checking them out.

Jennings Buri


Working with F5 Sound House has been a positive experience all around. They have the knowledge and experience to make you sound better then you actually are. They’re not my first choice for recording in Minneapolis/St.Paul, they’re my ONLY choice. Plus I made some great friends.

Northern band album cover


F5 is not just a recording studio, they are musical mentors, musicians, and great songwriters. My wife and I just finished up an EP with them and we couldn't be more impressed with the results! Owen and Davide are the only team for us in our songwriting and recording endeavors.