F5 SoundHouse | Rates
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  • Freelancer

  • $45/hr
  • Designed with the freelance producer/ engineer or in mind, not only do you get full use of our main studio and live rooms, you’ll have an assistant engineer who knows our system at your disposal for the entire session.

    Includes the services of an
    experienced assistant engineer.

  • Superior

  • $55/hr
  • In addition to everything the Freelancer Package offers, your engineer will not only act as assistant engineer, but will serve as your lead engineer and Pro Tools operator. He will be able to help with mic placement, recording, editing and much more. If you know exactly what you want, but need some help with the technical side of the recording process, this is for you.

    Includes the services of an
    engineer / Pro Tools operator.

  • Production Team

  • $95/hr
  • You want it all… professional production, engineering, editing, and mixing. This is our most complete package, offering every tool at our disposal for your recording project. It includes everything our other packages provide, with the addition of a professional producer to give you the most artistically and technically rounded support team available. Our producers are also skilled engineers, which means we can complete your project in a more time-effective manner, saving you money and getting your work into the hands of your fans or employers faster.

    Includes services of both a
    music producer and
    an engineer / Pro Tools operator.